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The City of Henderson recently kicked-off the Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan Update. When completed, Henderson Strong will be a citywide planning document that communicates the vision, long-term goals and objectives that guide the physical development and orderly management of growth of the City for the next 20 years. Built on a strong foundation of research and community engagement, Henderson Strong will capitalize on the City's strengths and address weaknesses to ensure it remains a premier community.

  1. Why are we doing this?
  2. How does Henderson Strong relate to the Southern Nevada Strong regional plan?
  3. What will Henderson Strong accomplish?
  4. Who will prepare the Henderson Strong plan and when?
  5. Why do we need Henderson Strong?
  6. What does it mean to connect transportation, housing and jobs?
  7. How can I get involved?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are we doing this?

Henderson has experienced demographic and economic change since its last Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2006. With the economic recession and associated economic effects, it is an important time to evaluate the City’s vision to keep Henderson an attractive place for residents, students and businesses. 

Additionally, Henderson will seek to align local plans with the recently completed Southern Nevada Strong (SNS) Regional Plan to ensure competitiveness for implementation funding through local, state and national sources. SNS identifies a series of priorities, goals and objectives to increase the region’s economic competitiveness and the City of Henderson wants to customize and apply these principles at the local level and in creative ways that work for our unique community.

2. How does Henderson Strong relate to the Southern Nevada Strong regional plan?

Serving as the lead agency for all of Southern Nevada, Henderson recently completed the Southern Nevada Strong Regional Planning project—a three-year effort funded by a $3.5 million dollar grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Southern Nevada Strong involved extensive research, community outreach efforts and collaboration among multiple jurisdictions, resulting in Southern Nevada’s first federally-recognized Regional Plan for sustainable development.

The Regional Plan identifies goals, objectives and strategies to better integrate housing, transportation and jobs and ultimately improve quality of life and economic competitiveness throughout the Valley. As the leader of the regional initiative, Henderson is making a conscious effort to tie its citywide Comprehensive Plan directly to Southern Nevada Strong in order to position Henderson as a regional leader and allow the City to apply regional principles locally. Choosing “Henderson Strong” as the brand for our citywide planning effort reinforces the connection with Southern Nevada Strong.

3. What will Henderson Strong accomplish?

Henderson Strong will build a foundation for long-term economic success and community livelihood by better integrating reliable transportation, housing and job opportunities in Henderson.

Henderson Strong will leverage the in-depth research and analysis conducted during the Southern Nevada Strong regional planning effort to highlight Henderson’s unique strengths and identify weaknesses in terms of access to quality and reliable transportation and housing options and job opportunities.

In order to ensure broad participation and to fully understand existing conditions, Henderson Strong will convene an advisory committee and conduct a series of stakeholder group meetings to gather input and develop priorities for the City.

These efforts will establish the content of the Comprehensive Plan. Henderson Strong will also engage Henderson residents through a variety of public outreach methods and community events to gather input on how we can make Henderson stronger. The end product will be a Comprehensive Plan that highlights the City’s vision for the next 20 years, goals and implementation strategies.

4. Who will prepare the Henderson Strong plan and when?

City of Henderson staff, industry experts, professional planners and most importantly–YOU!

Henderson residents and community members, local business leaders, nonprofit groups, faith-based organizations, private and public sector stakeholders, elected officials and community groups among others will weigh-in and share their input and priorities to help define a shared vision for the community and identify ways we can customize the Regional Plan strategies here in Henderson.

Additionally, staff representing a variety of public agencies will participate on working groups to provide technical expertise and synthesis public input into draft plan strategies. The Henderson Planning Commission will review the draft and recommend the final version for adoption by the Henderson City Council upon completion. The community will be asked to comment and participate throughout the process. The planning process is slated for completion by August 2017.

5. Why do we need Henderson Strong?

A comprehensive plan that supports the priorities of its residents is one of the most effective tools we have in making a positive change in our communities. An effective comprehensive plan provides the following:

  • Guidance for the future based on diligent analysis of existing conditions and future projections
  • Clear and effective implementation strategies for achieving the community’s vision
  • Predictability and fairness for all citizens and stakeholders through a land use plan that offers appropriate recommendations for the type, location and scale of new development
  • An organizing framework that allows communities to successfully utilize the many plans and guiding documents toward a common purpose

Great places are not created by accident. Communities make choices every day about the type of places they will become.  These choices are incremental; it is not always clear what impact a single decision will have.  Many decisions made over time have created the communities in which we now live and will live in the future.

Comprehensive planning will bring a variety of benefits to our neighborhoods by identifying local solutions to regional problems. We can improve the quality of life in our communities by working together to provide cleaner air, safer streets, and homes closer to transit, jobs and services. Along with improving local conditions, these factors are essential to attracting and retaining quality jobs that provide opportunities at all employment levels.

This is also an opportunity to think about how we want our region to grow and evolve over the next several years in a way that meets our needs and matches our values. Updating the Comprehensive Plan to reflect the principles of the region’s federally-recognized regional plan will allow us to compete for local, state and federal funding sources never before accessible, to make these plans and projects a reality.

6. What does it mean to connect transportation, housing and jobs?


According to the H+T Affordability Index, Henderson residents spend an average of 61% of their income on transportation and housing, compared to 55% for typical Clark County residents. We can lower these costs and save government resources by creating communities where businesses, housing, schools and stores are located closer together and are served by transit. This type of development supports the economy by making it cheaper and easier for people to get to work, increasing foot traffic for small businesses, and attracting employers and workers who value a community’s quality of life.

Through land use and public infrastructure investments, public agencies influence private sector decisions about where to invest in real estate and grow businesses. Public agencies regularly create and update land use and transportation plans, but these are not always done in coordination. Henderson Strong will emulate the regional plan by coordinating housing, transportation and the economy together by:

  • Encouraging land uses (jobs, stores, schools and homes) to be organized and connected so people can meet their day-to-day needs without always having to drive;
  • Improving and expanding existing transit networks near these amenities and community centers so people have more transportation options; and
  • Prioritizing public investments in transportation and infrastructure that save public money and resources.

Allowing people to travel efficiently and creating healthy neighborhoods where people want to live and employers want to invest builds a strong economy.

7. How can I get involved?

A great way to get started is by visiting our website: www.hendersonstrong.org. There you can see the latest news and updates, draft work products, and upcoming events, and sign up for email updates.

There will also be many other opportunities designed to gather input from and engage Henderson residents through the planning process. These may include community workshops, neighborhood events, online questionnaires and more. All meetings of the Advisory Committee, Planning Commission and City Council are also open to the public. You may also request a presentation on the project to relevant organizations, boards or professional organizations.

Public participation is essential to the success of Henderson Strong. We encourage you to get involved, attend a workshop, share our community survey sign-up for email updates. To learn more, contact Brittany Markarian at Brittany.Markarian@cityofhenderson.com or (702) 267-1532.

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